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Gold Dome Update
No. 2 | January 19, 2018

New Bills of Interest Introduced

Several bills of interest to cities were introduced and are eligible for committee hearings: 
HB 632, Municipal Elections, by Rep. Dave Belton (R-Buckhead) would allow cities with populations under 1,000 to shorten the advanced voting period for elections and run-off elections. GMA is evaluating this legislation.

HB 679, Annexations Restrictions Related to Municipal Elections by Rep. Beth Beskin (R-Atlanta) would prevent annexations or deannexations from becoming effective within 90 days prior to a municipal election. GMA is working with the author on this legislation.

HB 693, Repeal of Solid Waste Liens by Rep. Brett Harrell (R-Snellville), would remove the ability of cities, counties and authorities to use liens as a way of collecting unpaid solid waste fees. GMA opposes this legislation.

SB 285, Municipal Incorporation Standards, by Sen. Emanuel Jones (D-Decatur), would prohibit any city that is incorporating from using land from an existing city. GMA is evaluating this legislation.

Bills on Confederate Monuments Introduced
HB 650, Confederate Monuments by Rep. Mary Oliver (D-Decatur), and SB 302 by Sen. Elena Parent (D-Decatur) would allow local governments to alter, conceal or remove any Confederate monument or memorial. GMA supports this legislation.

Bills to Discuss with Your Legislators
GMA expects there to be a new version HB533, Small Cells in the Right of Way, by Rep. Brett Harrell (R-Snellville), coming next week. This bill would give unregulated access and special privileges to those seeking to put wireless service facilities in the public rights-of-way. The legislation limits, and in some cases eliminates, cities’ cost recovery options for maintaining the public rights-of-way, while also superseding existing zoning ordinances. City officials are encouraged to become familiar with the current legislation. GMA will report on changes made to the bill. GMA is evaluating this legislation.

HB 61 - Internet Sales Tax by Rep. Jay Powell (R-Camilla) seeks to require "delivery retailers" that have gross revenues in excess of $250,000.00 or conducts 200 or more retail sales in the State to collect and remit sales and use taxes. The bill also outlines the procedure for remission, and penalties for non-compliance. GMA supports this legislation.

Mayors’ Day Conference
GMA’s six policy committees will be meeting this Sunday at Mayors’ Day. Reps. Mike Glanton, Jay Powell, Deborah Silcox, Lynn Smith, Kevin Tanner, Sam Watson and Andy Welch, along with Sens. Greg Kirk and Renee Unterman and Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley will be participating in panel discussions. Also, Rep. Brenda Lopez is planning to speak to the Mayors’ Day youth delegates about the importance of civic participation.

Advocacy Tools

GMA encourages you to visit its 2018 Legislative Session web page to keep up with all the bills GMA is working on during the 2018 session.

Capitol Connection

GMA wants city officials to be part of the effort to connect City Hall to the Gold Dome in the 2018 elections. GMA's 2018 Connection will give you the tools to connect with the candidates and follow the issues important to cities.

Local Legislation Update

If you are interested in seeing if local legislation has been introduced that impacts your city, or surrounding local governments, subscribe to GMA's Local Legislation Update and receive an email when any local legislation has been introduced and assigned to a committee. To subscribe, visit GMA's 2018 Legislative Session web page and look for the Local Legislation Update heading on the right hand-side of the page, enter your email in the space provided and click the subscribe button. If you received the Local Legislation Update last year you do not have to subscribe again to continue receiving it. Note: GMA provides this email of local legislation as a service to its members. GMA does not lobby the Georgia General Assembly on local bills and resolutions.

GMA on Twitter

If you use Twitter, please follow GMA at @GACities. You can use the #gmapol hashtag to keep up with Tweets about the legislative session from GMA and its lobbying staff.

Free Parking at GMA

When visiting Atlanta to visit your legislators or other state officials, city officials may park at GMA for free. GMA's offices are two blocks away from the Capitol.

Visit the Capitol, GMA Staff Can Guide You

GMA is here to help you navigate the corridors of the Gold Dome easily and effectively. When you come to Atlanta to visit your legislative delegation, please let GMA know by contacting Kenyetta Williams at (678) 686-6206, or GMA will be glad to help you find your member's office and provide you with a personalized legislative briefing.

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