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Debt Collection Service Webinar

May 31, 2011
This webinar about GMA's Debt Collection Service reviews online tools for submitting placements and tracking collections.

So, do you think you’re effectively collecting your debt? If not, call us today.
  • Pam Helton at (678) 686-6275
  • Eileen Thomas at (678) 686-6232
  • Outside Atlanta? Call toll-free at (888) 488-4462

Penn Credit Contacts

You might try using debt collection vendors, but they may annoy your citizens or take too much of a cut of your payments—sometimes as high as 50%. With your city needing revenue, you need low rates and the right debt collection processes so that you don’t miss a cent that’s owed you.

We also act quickly. As soon as you begin working with us, we can start collecting your debt within 3-5 business days. That’s because with our decades of experience in both debt collection and local government, we understand what it takes to get the ball rolling—immediately.