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Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance

At a Glance

Properly collecting alcohol excise taxes from mixed drink licensees is critical for cities, especially when every bit of revenue matters. Our Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance Service not only helps you discover and collect underpaid excise taxes but also ensures that wholesalers and retailers stay compliant in the future. That steady compliance means consistent—and often increased—monthly revenue for you.

Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance Service

We offer two different yet complementary versions of our alcoholic beverage excise tax compliance service: the Excise Tax Operational Audit, and Excise Tax Compliance Consulting Service.

In an Excise Tax Operational Audit, we perform a one-time thorough review of your overall processes, ordinances, returns, and other alcoholic beverage excise tax data. More specifically, our alcoholic beverage excise tax audit provides you with:
  • Reviews of your local ordinance and administrative processes to ensure that you’re following the law and not missing any important provisions. We’ll also provide you model ordinances, returns, and forms.
  • Reviews and analyses of the returns and remittances of all wholesale and retail pouring licensees during the preceding 36 months.
  • Reports detailing any prospective wholesaler omissions and potential retailer non-compliance or tax deficiencies.
  • Communication with wholesalers, as needed, to ensure they are paying you—and not another jurisdiction. Paying other jurisdictions sometimes happens when wholesalers deliver to bars and restaurants close to your city’s boundary.
  • Recommendations for improvement, based on our many years of experience.
  • Draft notices of deficiency determination for delinquent payers.
  • A review of questions and appeals from licensees found deficient.
By detecting any omissions and deficiencies that result in lost city revenue, we equip you with everything you need to assess your situation and assert control over your alcoholic beverage excise tax collection.

But how do you stay on track for the long term?

Our Excise Tax Compliance Consulting Service ensures that you keep your alcoholic beverage excise tax collection accurate and efficient on an ongoing basis. We provide you:
  • A customized seminar for your employees that will improve their effectiveness in administering your city’s alcoholic beverage excise tax.
  • A customized seminar for retail pouring licensees in your city that’s designed to promote and reinforce the importance of an appropriate, timely return and remittance of mixed drink taxes.
  • Our expertise, available whenever you need it. We’ll provide specialized assistance relating to any alcoholic beverage tax or licensure issues, challenges, or opportunities.


The cost of our service is based on the number of mixed drink licensees in your city. Contact us to receive a free estimate of your potential costs including additional information about what similar-sized cities paid versus how much money they recovered. We’ll bill you on a monthly basis as work is completed during the course of the project.

To learn more about GMA's Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance service, you can reach out to Darin Jenkins at (678) 686-6264, Eileen Thomas at (678) 686-6232 or James Brent at (678) 686-6349. If you are outside of the Atlanta metro area, you may call toll-free (888) 488-4462.

Participating Entities

Americus Hapeville
Carrollton Hiram
College Park Lawrenceville
Conyers Oakwood
Cornelia Riverdale
Dahlonega Roswell
East Point Suwanee
Flowery Branch Tybee Island
Gainesville Union City
Greensboro Villa Rica
Griffin Warner Robins
Contract for Services (PDF)

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The City of Flowery Branch, Georgia conducted not one but two audits within the last few years that uncovered a combined total of $30,000 in unpaid alcoholic beverage excise taxes owed by mixed drink licensees. For a small city like Flowery Branch, that’s a lot of money. That’s why it makes sense to Melissa McCain, City Clerk of Flowery Branch, to invest in an alcoholic beverage excise tax audit every few years to make sure that wholesalers and retailers are paying correctly, and on time.

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CONTACT US ABOUT THE Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance Service
As your municipal advocate, GMA created this service when we learned that many municipalities typically did not receive the entire alcoholic beverage excise taxes owed them from mixed drink licensees. Knowing that cities critically need all of their owed revenues in tough economic times, we got to work and provided expertise, professional reviews, and seminars for both city employees and retail pouring licensees to help you collect those taxes.