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Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance
GMA's Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Compliance Service not only helps you discover and collect underpaid excise taxes but also ensures that wholesalers and retailers stay compliant in the future.
Debt Collection
GMA, through its debt collection partner Penn Credit, helps you not only collect unpaid debt but also improve your overall debt collection processes now — and in the future.
Delinquent Business License Fees
With nearly every Georgia municipality participating in this program, GMA helps you collect delinquent insurance business license fees owed to you at the end of every year.
GovDeals Online Surplus Auctions
Join over 100 Georgia cities, over 60 Georgia counties, and dozens of other Georgia government entities that use GovDeals to sell their surplus equipment to a qualified global audience of buyers.
Hotel and Motel Tax Recovery
With our many decades of experience working with cities, GMA quickly helps improve your tax administration and establish compliance between you and your city’s hotel and motel operators.
Property Damage Revenue Recovery
By studying markets, trends, laws, and emerging best practices from across the nation, GMA’s partner, Peachtree Recovery Services, ensures successful property damage claims recovery for cities.