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Direct Lease Types and Leasing Periods

Since 1990, GMA has initiated over 1500 leases for approximately $130 million. 

Types Leasing Period
Police Cars 36 Months
Staff Vehicles 60 Months
Pickup Trucks 60 Months
School Buses 84 Months
Fire Trucks 120 Months
Bulldozers 60 Months
Motor Graders 60 Months
Ambulances 60 Months
Paving Equipment 60 Months
Dump Trucks 60 Months
Garbage Trucks 60 Months
Street Sweepers 60 Months
Modular Buildings 60 Months
Street Lighting and Traffic Control Equipment 36 Months
Telecommunication Systems, 911 Systems, Voice or Voice-Data Systems 36 Months
Computer Systems (software & other soft costs not to exceed 20%) 36 Months
CONTACT US ABOUT THE Direct Lease Types and Leasing Periods
  • We competitively represent all Georgia cities in the marketplace, so our interest rates are usually lower than most other loan sources.
  • We are already set up as a lessor, and we handle all of your legal work. You don’t pay expensive legal fees associated with your purchase.
  • We have standard documents already prepared and ready to go. Don’t try to build your own documents from scratch.