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IT in a Box Features Data Backup Archiving and Video Archiving While Helping Cities with Policy and Compliance

July 19, 2016  |  Dave Mims, CEO, Sophicity

You spoke. We listened. Over the past year, cities have told us that their requirements for data backup and video archiving grow more and more immense. For example, the requirement for many cities to capture, record, and store body camera video has drastically increased the amount of storage space they need. In fact, some cities (such as in Georgia after a new law passed in 2016) must store that information or face legal penalties. Also, cities (such as those in Arkansas) are feeling more pressure from state legislatures about strictly adhering to laws and best practices related to cybersecurity.

Overall, there’s just too much at risk today to neglect a city’s electronic storage capabilities and underlying information security. Here are some new features of IT in a Box that help address these concerns:


Data Backup Archiving

We already provide cities with onsite data backup storage for quick data recovery and unlimited offsite data backup storage for disaster recovery. That now includes storing and archiving all versions of your important files, documents, and data. Archiving is the long-term storage and indefinite retention of your backed up data. This archived information is always accessible in case you need it (such as for an open records request).


Video Archiving

Cities tell us that body camera and squad car video storage costs are a big concern for them—and storage needs for video data will only continue to grow at an increasingly rapid pace. IT in a Box saves cities money with our unlimited offsite video storage and retention. That means:

  • No more buying additional expensive onsite storage for video. With IT in a Box, you can now keep your most recent videos onsite for quick access while we archive all of your videos offsite for long-term access.
  • As the quantity of your squad car and body camera video footage continues to rapidly grow, your storage costs do not change over time.


Policy and Compliance

To best protect against cyberattacks, our IT in a Box staff will help you adopt policies and best practices to educate staff and make sure your technology helps you comply with state law. In addition to staff training, we shore up any security holes by securing, documenting, regularly testing, and proactively managing all of your technology including:

  • Applications and systems
  • Vendor access
  • Network access
  • Wireless access
  • Physical access
  • User access
  • Remote access
  • And more

For Arkansas specifically, we help cities become compliant with the state’s Legislative Audit.

Questions about these new services? Reach out to Sophicity with questions.

Learn more about IT in a Box.

CONTACT US ABOUT THE IT in a Box Features Data Backup Archiving and Video Archiving While Helping Cities with Policy and
Using our unique resources and leveraging the strength of our membership, we worked with Sophicity (GMA’s longtime IT consulting partner based here in Georgia) to offer this customized IT service. As a one-stop shop product, we listened to the needs of cities to help identify the most essential municipal information technology needs. Then, we built them all into one low-cost product that’s implemented, managed, and supported by experienced, highly skilled IT professionals.
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