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IT in a Box


From backing up data to modernizing your website, we know it’s tough for cities to invest in the right technology and hire the best professional expertise to guide them along. But those investments need to happen. Otherwise, your city operations are at risk. To address these needs cost-effectively without taking any shortcuts, we helped create a packaged technology service that we call “IT in a Box.”

From the minute you say “go,” IT in a Box provides you with essential technology services and solutions that modernize your city’s IT for a fraction of the typical costs. So what’s inside IT in a Box?
  • A modern, user-friendly city website. We provide you a sleek, modern website that looks good and delivers the information your citizens need. Includes city pages such as city hall, public safety, parks and recreation, news, and events that are designed and ready to go. Our website also features the ability to offer online payments and a user-friendly backend system so that you can add and update website information yourself. If you want, submit your website updates to us and we will post them for you.
  • Data backup and offsite storage to protect your information from a disaster. Server failure? Flooding? A tornado? No problem—your data is safe. We provide onsite data backup for quick recovery, and unlimited offsite data backup storage. Yes, that means no storage limit to what can be protected and recovered after a disaster. And we now store and archive all versions of your important files, documents, and data. That means indefinite retention of your backed up data—which is always accessible in case you need it (such as for an open records request).
  • Document protection and easy document retrieval for open records requests. We provide a document management system that protects your city documents from fire, flooding, tornadoes, and other disasters. Scan your paper files to free up file cabinets and floor space. We’ll also apply Georgia’s record retention schedules to keep your archives up-to-date.
  • A modern, business-grade email system. No more hosting your own email servers or messing with free email providers (like city@yahoo.com). We host email on your city domain (like mayor@cityofhappiness.com) and include email archiving to help you prepare for open records requests. And no more email cleanups—each user receives 50GB of email storage.
  • Unlimited offsite video storage and retention. Does your police department rely heavily on squad car and body camera video recordings? That makes storage costs a big worry as your video grows at a rapid pace. We eliminate the cost of buying additional expensive onsite storage by keeping your most recent videos onsite for quick access. Plus, we archive all of your videos offsite—with unlimited storage—for long term access without increasing your costs.
  • 24x7 helpdesk. Every day of the week, our U.S. based helpdesk team supports you in the office, working from home, or while you’re on the road. No entry-level or junior tech support. You speak to experienced senior engineers with years of municipal experience who help you address any IT issue ASAP.
  • Vendor management—meaning we speak to technology vendors on your behalf. Do you get frustrated wasting time on software support calls where you’re not sure if you’re resolving the problem? Our experienced staff steps in to take care of this dirty work. From resolving issues to even purchasing new computers for you, we will work with technology vendors directly so that you don’t lose hours and days on the phone.
  • Best practices and policies to address compliance-related information security risks. To protect against cyberattacks, we help you adopt policies and best practices to educate your staff and make sure your technology helps you comply with state law. In addition to staff training, we shore up any security holes by securing, documenting, regularly testing, and proactively managing all of your technology including vendor, network, wireless, physical, user, and remote access along with all software and applications.
  • Full management of your servers, desktops, and mobile devices. We help guard your city against cyberattacks by keeping your computers patched, protected, and healthy - 24/7. Our management includes antivirus, antispam, content filtering, Windows updates, software patches, hardware performance monitoring, and asset management. Plus, we provide you Office Professional Plus for your desktops that includes the latest versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, InfoPath, Publisher, and OneNote.


We customize IT in a Box plans depending on the number of your employees and the size of your city’s technology infrastructure. This customization makes “IT in a Box” affordable for your budget, from the smallest city to the largest city. Contact us so that we may assess your needs and begin the quote process.

Our Guarantee

  • Love I.T. If we don't meet your expectations, then cancel the service.
  • Easy out. 30 days notice.
  • Flat monthly fee. No hourly charges. Predictable.
  • No upfront project fees. Onboarding, equipment, and setup included.
  • Flexible. Increase or decrease your subscription monthly.
  • Proven. Tailored for cities.

Participating Entities

Alto Oakwood
Aragon Oxford
Auburn Peachtree Corners
Barwick Pelham
Berkeley Lake Pembroke
Blue Ridge Pine Lake
Cochran Pine Mountain
Colquitt Ringgold
Dawsonville Rockmart
Donalsonville Satilla Regional Water & Sewer Authority
Ellaville Sparta
Fairmount Statesboro
Fort Valley Sumner
Grayson Sylvester
Guyton Trion
Hazlehurst Twin City
Jonesboro Unadilla
Lavonia Vienna
Lyons Waleska
Marshallville White
McCaysville Wrens
Description of Services (PDF) 
Our Proven Process (PDF)

IT in a Box Features Data Backup Archiving and Video Archiving While Helping Cities with Policy and Compliance 
July 19, 2016   |  Dave Mims, CEO, Sophicity

You spoke. We listened. Over the past year, cities have told us that their requirements for data backup and video archiving grow more and more immense.  Also, cities (such as those in Arkansas) are feeling more pressure from state legislatures about strictly adhering to laws and best practices related to cybersecurity. Overall, there’s just too much at risk today to neglect a city’s electronic storage capabilities and underlying information security.

How It Works: IT in a Box Website 
With IT in a Box, cities not only solve many technology problems and upgrade their hardware and software, but they also receive a new, modern website. However, getting a new website can be overwhelming and time consuming. It’s similar to making a brochure or an advertisement. Essentially, you are building a mini-publishing and communications vehicle for use by citizens and people researching your city.

Dawsonville Revitalizes Website and Addresses Disaster Recovery with IT in a Box Dawsonville Revitalizes Website and Addresses Disaster Recovery with IT in a Box 
Dawsonville Mayor Grogan talks about how even small cities can benefit from large-city technology, how Sophicity solved his IT problems while providing a personalized touch, and that cities shouldn’t be intimidated about reaching out to GMA to solve their technology needs.

Dawsonville Modernizes Its Technology While Saving $27,000 
Dawsonville saved $26,868 (or 58%) of the costs typically spent modernizing a city network of their environment and size. “IT in a Box” also helped Dawsonville establish a strong technology foundation and create a predictable IT budget

Senoia Modernized its Technology Infrastructure in 'One Fell Swoop' 
After looking at some costly options that would have addressed each technology area, Senoia took a look at the Georgia Municipal Association’s IT in a Box service. Not only did it fit the city’s budget, but the service also modernized many technology areas in one fell swoop including data backup, disaster recovery, and hardware.

Oakwood Saves $47,000 Using “IT in a Box” to Upgrade IT Infrastructure 
Oakwood saved $46,977 (or 54 percent) of the costs that would typically be seen in modernizing a city network. This helped Oakwood stabilize its technology and create a predictable IT budget.

Oxford, Georgia, Saves $46,812 in Upgrades to IT Infrastructure 
Oxford saved $46,812 (or 72 percent) of the costs typically spent modernizing a city network of their environment and size.

Peachtree Corners Saves $66,459 in launching its IT Infrastructure 
Peachtree Corners saved $66,459 of the costs typically spent launching a city network of their environment and size. “IT in a Box” helped Peachtree Corners establish a strong technology foundation and create a predictable IT budget.

If you are excited about the opportunity to modernize your technology, reach out to us today.
Sophicity Contact
Using our unique resources and leveraging the strength of our membership, we worked with Sophicity (GMA’s longtime IT consulting partner based here in Georgia) to offer this customized IT service. As a one-stop shop product, we listened to the needs of cities to help identify the most essential municipal information technology needs. Then, we built them all into one low-cost product that’s implemented, managed, and supported by experienced, highly skilled IT professionals.