Embrace Human Connectivity in the Technology Age
February 9, 2016
Mike Bodker, GMA President
A little more than 20 years ago on “The Today Show”, Bryant Gumbel asked “What is the Internet, anyway?” Today the Internet and other technologies play an increasingly important part in our daily lives. This rapid and continual technological change has significantly impacted our society and economy.

The Future of Information Technology
February 9, 2016
Dr. Alan R. Shark, Executive Director and CEO, Public Technology Institute
Unlike other topics, the future of technology is ever-changing. Despite the fact that state and local government functions remain unchanged for the past hundred years, we are increasingly turning to technology to perform tasks faster, more accurately, and hopefully to save money. 

Leadership in the Age of Disruption
February 9, 2016
Brooks Rainwater, Director, Center for City Solutions & Applied Research, National League of Cities
Disruption. It may be a buzz word, but it perfectly encapsulates this moment in time. New technologies don’t simply disrupt business models; they disrupt lives. At times, they forcefully forge change and demand swift adaptation from every size of community. 

State of the State: ‘Ocean of Opportunity' lies ahead for Georgia’s Ship of State
January 13, 2016
Gov. Nathan Deal
Text of Gov. Nathan Deal's State-of-the-State address delivered on January 13, 2016. 

Taxes Likely to Receive Scrutiny in 2016
January 11, 2016
Michael McPherson, GMA Government Relations Associate
In 2016 look for greater cooperation between the state DOR and city governments, more information sharing to catch those businesses attempting to avoid tax payments and possible legislative relief from the responsibility of paying interest on overpayments of sales taxes.  

Proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act Could Burden Taxpayers
January 11, 2016
Rusi Patel GMA Associate General Counsel
Cities are trusted to be the steward of local taxpayer money and sometimes the responsibility that comes with being conservative stewards of tax funds can put cities at odds with widely popular issues for reasons that are, unfortunately, not widely understood. 

Let’s Resolve to Do the Right Thing
January 8, 2016
Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
As the New Year begins, let’s resolve to ensure that our actions, our relationship with others and our behaviors will build trust and confidence within our cities. After all, the voters put you in office because they believe in you and your ability to lead your city in a professional manner.

Collaboration Key to Community Success
November 30, 2015
Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
When city elected officials speak to me about their communities, they almost without fail mention their local schools. The success, or failure, of the local school system translates into the success, or failure, of Georgia’s cities. From creating a high quality-of-life to economic development to the long-term prosperity of a city, the quality of our public education system is paramount. 

City Officials Are Best Equipped to Solve Local Problems
November 6, 2015
Mike Bodker, GMA President
As we prepare for the upcoming Legislative Session, let’s not be timid in advocating the basic home rule tenant that local officials are in the best position to make local deci­sions affecting the everyday health and welfare of their residents.

A Recipe for Success: How the Hotel/Motel Tax Sweetens Local Tourism
September 3, 2015
Jim Sprouse, Executive Director, Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association
Georgia’s hotels are partners in the economic health of Georgia’s cities. The hotel/motel tax provides a foundation for a partnership between Georgia’s lo­cal governments and Georgia’s lodging industry. 

Tourism Elevates Georgia’s Communities
September 3, 2015
Kevin Langston, Deputy Commissioner of Tourism, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Think of an industry that when cul­tivated and sustained, automatically creates jobs, improves quality of life, generates economic development and can completely revitalize a com­munity. That industry exists, and it is tourism. 

Collaborative Leadership Can Drive Success
September 3, 2015
Mike Bodker, GMA President
The key for us to continue to move forward in our respective cities, even with the uncertainty that comes with the election of new city of­ficials, is to understand that rather than a top-down approach to govern­ing, a collaborative environment is essential. 

Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites Positioned to Thrive
August 5, 2015
Becky Kelley, Director, Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Division, DNR
They are also great economic engines, bringing tourist dollars to local businesses. Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites have an annual economic impact of $562 million and create more than 8,000 jobs.

Innovation and Economics of Parks and Recreation in Your Local Community
August 5, 2015
Steve Card, Director, Dalton Parks and Recreation Department
Loyalty and passion are what we all want for the communities we serve. Loyalty is best described as residents’ general satisfaction with a place, the likelihood to recommend it to others and their outlook on the community’s future. Passion, in this sense, is best described as a connection to a place and the pride taken living there. Local Parks and Recreation play a key role in achieving these outcomes.

Membership Energy, Commitment Impresses During Annual Convention
August 5, 2015
Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
The energy is still around us and the meet­ing of leadership to guide your association continues to amaze me. The 2015 Annual Convention featured a new format, a new approach to our educational classes and en­ergized sessions throughout. The immediate feedback has been very positive from the membership.

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