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May 16, 2016   |  Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
We talk about the impact cities can have on the lives of residents. That’s natural because we think of government as being “of the people, by the people and for the people.” But government—particularly city government—also has strong connections to the business world.


May 16, 2016   |  Rachel Quednau, Communications Specialist, Strong Towns
“Entrepreneurship” is a hot word these days. Lots of towns say they would like to attract more entrepreneurs and grow their small business communities. But how do you do it?


May 11, 2016   |  William Lambe, Senior Adviser for Community & Economic Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Small cities in the Southeast act as nerve centers connecting the regional economy. In the South, more than 100 small metro areas are home to 25 mil­lion—or 20 percent—of the region’s total population.


April 11, 2016   |  Wes Cantrell, State Representative
We have banned the box at the state level. Now is the time for every municipality in Georgia to follow suit and ban it on all their city employment applications.


April 8, 2016   |  Trevor Langan, Research Associate, City Solutions and Applied Research, National League of Cities
As a talented work­force is essential to the vitality of a city, talent attrac­tion and retention has economic, community-based and civic-level implications.


April 8, 2016   |  Mike Bodker, GMA President
The 2016 Legislative Session has come to an end, and we’ll be learning over the next cou­ple of months about the bills that passed and how they will impact municipal government. But while we learn about what has changed, it’s equally important to look to the future


March 9, 2016   |  Rusty Paul, Mayor, Sandy Spring
Workforce housing is a particularly acute problem in high-growth communities, like Sandy Springs, where land values and housing costs are high and rising.


March 9, 2016   |  Camila Knowles Commissioner, Department of Community Affairs
​At the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), we know that it takes many people working together to build a strong and vibrant community. No one person, program or initiative can do it alone. 


March 9, 2016   |  Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
In the next few months county and state officials will have the general election primary. Now is the time to build those relationships and set the direction on where we can go as a state, and as cities and counties working together


January 13, 2016   |  Gov. Nathan Deal
Text of Gov. Nathan Deal's State-of-the-State address delivered on January 13, 2016. 


November 30, 2015   |  Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
When city elected officials speak to me about their communities, they almost without fail mention their local schools. The success, or failure, of the local school system translates into the success, or failure, of Georgia’s cities. From creating a high quality-of-life to economic development to the long-term prosperity of a city, the quality of our public education system is paramount. 


November 6, 2015   |  Mike Bodker, GMA President
As we prepare for the upcoming Legislative Session, let’s not be timid in advocating the basic home rule tenant that local officials are in the best position to make local deci­sions affecting the everyday health and welfare of their residents.


September 3, 2015   |  Jim Sprouse, Executive Director, Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association
Georgia’s hotels are partners in the economic health of Georgia’s cities. The hotel/motel tax provides a foundation for a partnership between Georgia’s lo­cal governments and Georgia’s lodging industry. 


September 3, 2015   |  Kevin Langston, Deputy Commissioner of Tourism, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Think of an industry that when cul­tivated and sustained, automatically creates jobs, improves quality of life, generates economic development and can completely revitalize a com­munity. That industry exists, and it is tourism. 


September 3, 2015   |  Mike Bodker, GMA President
The key for us to continue to move forward in our respective cities, even with the uncertainty that comes with the election of new city of­ficials, is to understand that rather than a top-down approach to govern­ing, a collaborative environment is essential. 


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