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November 16, 2016   |  Susan Moore, GMA General Counsel
A well-run municipal court enhances public safety and improves the overall quality of life within a city. A poorly run municipal court can cost a mu­nicipality in both reputation and rev­enue. Which one does your city have?


November 14, 2016   |  Governor Nathan Deal
Our message to those in our prison system and to their families is this: If you pay your dues to society, if you take advantage of the opportunities to better your­self, if you discipline yourself so that you can regain your freedom and live by the rules of society, you will be given the chance to reclaim your life. I intend for Georgia to continue leading the nation with meaning­ful justice reform.


October 7, 2016   |  Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
Each day brings new ideas, thoughts and sometimes opportunities. When you look at the many and varied issues affecting our cities, it is amazing that residents get the service and protection they expect and deserve. For most residents, this probably looks like a duck on a pond, placidly floating along. What they don’t see are the feet underwater paddling away.


September 7, 2016   |  Boyd Austin, GMA President
While few of us will have an Olympic athlete from our home­town, the fact is our cities and towns play an important part in the lives of our citizens. For some, what we do as city officials directly impacts their ability to create a better future for themselves.


August 17, 2016   |  Lamar Norton
We must acknowledge and applaud the leaders who recognize that additional training is needed to address the everyday demands of city government.


June 26, 2016   |  Boyd Austin, GMA President
As local officials our job is simple … it is to lead. Whether we are loud or quiet, high energy or laid back, pragmatic or idealistic, in the weeds or at 30,000 feet, our job is to get our ideas into play. If we’re not doing that, we aren’t leading.


June 14, 2016   |  Mike Bodker, GMA President
To transform our neighborhoods and communities, it is up to us as city officials to live and act and conduct our politics in a way that honors collaboration and the common good. And from what I’ve seen and experienced these last ten years, Georgia’s city officials are up to the task.


June 13, 2016   |  Ed McBrayer, Executive Director, PATH Foundation
Unless a city has an abandoned rail line or river corridor through the middle of town, a trail to the square requires repurposing public rights-of-way and piecing together underutilized parking lots and alleyways or converting “grayways” to greenways.


June 10, 2016   |  James Brooks, Director for City Solutions, National League of Cities
In the U.S., we have reduced the number of smokers, the number of teen pregnancies and the number of new HIV/AIDS infections over time. The lessons from these public health challenges can be applied to the present opioid drug epidemic.


May 16, 2016   |  Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director
We talk about the impact cities can have on the lives of residents. That’s natural because we think of government as being “of the people, by the people and for the people.” But government—particularly city government—also has strong connections to the business world.


May 16, 2016   |  Rachel Quednau, Communications Specialist, Strong Towns
“Entrepreneurship” is a hot word these days. Lots of towns say they would like to attract more entrepreneurs and grow their small business communities. But how do you do it?


May 11, 2016   |  William Lambe, Senior Adviser for Community & Economic Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Small cities in the Southeast act as nerve centers connecting the regional economy. In the South, more than 100 small metro areas are home to 25 mil­lion—or 20 percent—of the region’s total population.


April 11, 2016   |  Wes Cantrell, State Representative
We have banned the box at the state level. Now is the time for every municipality in Georgia to follow suit and ban it on all their city employment applications.


April 8, 2016   |  Trevor Langan, Research Associate, City Solutions and Applied Research, National League of Cities
As a talented work­force is essential to the vitality of a city, talent attrac­tion and retention has economic, community-based and civic-level implications.


April 8, 2016   |  Mike Bodker, GMA President
The 2016 Legislative Session has come to an end, and we’ll be learning over the next cou­ple of months about the bills that passed and how they will impact municipal government. But while we learn about what has changed, it’s equally important to look to the future


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