Hurricane Irma Recovery: A Message from GMA President Dorothy Hubbard

September 13, 2017
We know that Hurricane Irma inflicted serious damage in a number of cities across the state, and the clean-up efforts for some will last days, if not weeks or longer.  To those of you adversely impacted by the storm, we extend our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery.  In times like these, our communities come together and we see the best in Georgians.  Certainly it has been heartwarming to see our dedicated public servants and caring citizens doing all they can to help those who have suffered hardship, including thousands of evacuees from Florida.

Many of you not as seriously affected will want to help those in need. We encourage you to coordinate your efforts through the Georgia Emergency Management-Homeland Security’s State Operations Center (SOC). In this way, efforts are not being duplicated and resources are going where they are most needed. Many of you will be working through your county Emergency Management Agent to identify resources, but you can also reach out to GEMA-HS at (404)-635-7020. For more information on how your city can help in the recovery, please see the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters website.

Thank you for your public service and being a part of the GMA family.