GMA Completes First Multi-Week Online Training Course

June 20, 2017
In April, GMA completed its first multi-week online training course, Community and Media Relations. This course, offered through the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute, spanned a six-week period and offered video-recorded lessons, interactive discussion boards and assignments that uncovered the importance of building effective working relationships with the media and the role the media plays in informing the public and shaping their opinion of municipal governments.
“This online course was another way to serve and meet the needs of our members,” said GMA’s Executive Director Lamar Norton.
Last fall, GMA also offered the three-hour Municipal Law Update class, providing participants the option to take the class in-person or join in online. Both online classes are in response to GMA members who have asked for more online training options.
According to feedback from one of the Media and Community Relations course participants, the online structure allowed him to better retain material through assignments and discussions, while saving on travel costs.
GMA in partnership with the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government plans to add more online classes to the municipal training institute’s curriculum next year.
For questions, contact GMA’s Training Manager Aileen Harris at aharris@gmanet.com or 678-686-6293.