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Decatur to Deliver Full Argument against Immigration Complaint in January

November 16, 2017
On Nov. 15, the Immigration Enforcement Review Board (IERB) formally moved that Complaint #2017-13—filed by Lt. Governor Casey Cagle against the city of Decatur—will proceed to an initial hearing.
The Lt. Governor, a candidate for the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race, filed the complaint on Nov. 6 with accusations that the city is violating a Georgia law that forbids providing sanctuary and succor to illegal immigrants.
In a recent statement, the city of Decatur and its police department defended the Sept. 29 adoption of a general order regarding detention and immigration status: that a person is arrested or detained only on the basis of a judicially issued warrant. 

“The Lt. Governor alleges that, because of its general order on immigration status, the Decatur Police Department is not pursuing the arrest, detention and prosecution of persons charged with felony crimes, including murder, drug dealing and child molestation.  This allegation is simply not true.  The Decatur Police Chief and the Decatur Police Department are committed to preventing felony crimes, to apprehending persons charged with felony crimes and to seeking justice in a way that is both effective and constitutional.  To imply otherwise unfairly questions the integrity and commitment of our police officers to uphold their oath of office.  
The Decatur Police Department partners with the Decatur community to ensure the safety of Decatur’s residents, businesses and visitors.   Chief Mike Booker expects Decatur Police officers to meet high standards, incorporating honesty, integrity and professionalism in all their duties.  The officers of the Decatur Police Department are dedicated to enforcing the ordinances of the City of Decatur and the laws of the State of Georgia.  They take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia.” 

During the Wednesday meeting, the board determined that the complaint met the legal, procedural requirements necessary to move onto the initial hearing. IERB Board Chair Shawn Hanley reminded Decatur City Attorney Bryan Downs that the city would have an opportunity to bring a full argument during the initial hearing set for mid-January 2018.
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