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Application Period for 2018 PlanFirst Designation Now Open

March 8, 2018  |  Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA)
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is now accepting 2018 applications for the PlanFirst program. Full applications must be submitted by May 15, 2018. PlanFirst recognizes and rewards effective plan implementation by local governments throughout the state. To be eligible, a community must be a qualified local government (QLG), be up-to-date with mandated reporting to DCA, have an approved and adopted service delivery strategy (SDS) and have met the minimum performance standards as set forth in the Regional Commission plan for their area.

There are currently 24 local governments – counties, cities and consolidated governments – in the program. Any size community may apply as long as there have been significant strides toward implementing a comprehensive plan. Each local government must apply on its own, whether or not there is a joint comprehensive plan. No joint applications are accepted.

Designation as a PlanFirst community comes with rewards. Incentives available to designated local governments include, but are not limited to:
  • Annual CDBG application eligibility for non-entitlement communities;
  • Reductions on basis points for various DCA and GEFA programs; and,
  • Free registration for 2 community representatives at any Community Planning Institute class.
The program application is available on DCA’s website at https://dca.ga.gov/local-government-assistance/planning/local-planning/planfirst. If your community wishes to apply and would like to speak to someone about the program, please contact adriane.wood@dca.ga.gov.