Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grants

Grantor: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Posted: September 20, 2017
Due: November 16, 2017

Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Grants provide funding to a grant recipient to capitalize an RLF program. RLF programs provide loans and subgrants to eligible entities to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites contaminated with hazardous substances and/or petroleum. Revolving loan funds generally are used to provide no-interest or low-interest loans for eligible brownfields cleanups and other eligible programmatic costs necessary to manage the RLF. An RLF grant recipient must use 50% or more of the awarded funds for loans. RLF grantees may not subgrant to themselves. However, the RLF grant recipient may subgrant to other coalition members. Subgrants are limited to $200,000 per site. Entities receiving RLF subgrants must own the site that is the subject of the subgrant. An RLF grant recipient cannot make a loan or a subgrant to a party potentially liable for the contamination at the brownfield site under CERCLA §107, nor may the RLF grant recipient make a loan or subgrant to clean up a site that it is potentially liable for under CERCLA §107. 

The following information indicates which entities are eligible to apply for a Revolving Loan
Fund (RLF) Grant:
  • Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply for an RLF Grant unless the entity is included as a “General Purpose Unit of Local Government” as defined below.
  • General Purpose Unit of Local Government
  • Land Clearance Authority or another quasi-governmental entity that operates under the supervision and control of, or as an agent of, a general purpose unit of local government
  • Government Entity Created by State Legislature
  • Regional Council or group of General Purpose Units of Local Government
  • Redevelopment Agency that is chartered or otherwise sanctioned by a state
  • State.
  • Indian tribe other than in Alaska. 
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Additional information can be found here, by contacting Grants.gov Applicant Support at 1-800-518-4726 or by contacting Becky Taylor of the GMA staff at 678-686-6276.