Brownfields Cleanup Grants

Grantor: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Posted: September 19, 2017
Due: November 16, 2017

Cleanup Grants provide funding to carry out cleanup activities on brownfield sites owned by the applicant. Applicants may request funding to address either a single brownfield site, or multiple brownfield sites, within each proposal. An applicant may request up to $200,000 in each proposal and can submit up to three cleanup proposals. Applicants that exceed the maximum number of proposals allowable for Cleanup Grants will be contacted, prior to review of any of the proposals by EPA, to determine which proposals the applicant will withdraw from the competition. An applicant cannot propose an alternate site(s) if the site(s) identified in the proposal is determined by EPA to be ineligible for brownfields funding.

An applicant may request up to $200,000 to address hazardous substances and/or petroleum contamination at one or more site(s). If the site is co-mingled with both hazardous substances and petroleum contamination and the hazardous substances and petroleum-contaminated areas of the site are distinguishable, the proposal must address both eligibility criteria and indicate the dollar amount of funding requested for each type of contamination. If the petroleum and hazardous substances are co-mingled and not easily distinguishable, the applicant must indicate which contaminant is predominant and respond to the appropriate site eligibility criteria. The performance period for Cleanup Grants is three years.

The following information indicates which entities are eligible to apply for a Cleanup Grant:
  • General Purpose Unit of Local Government
  • Land Clearance Authority or another quasi-governmental entity that operates under the supervision and control of, or as an agent of, a general purpose unit of local government
  • Government Entity Created by State Legislature
  • Regional Council or group of General Purpose Units of Local Government
  • Redevelopment Agency that is chartered or otherwise sanctioned by a state
  • State
  • Indian tribe other than in Alaska
  • Nonprofit organizations.
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Additional information can be found here, by contacting Grants.gov Applicant Support at 1-800-518-4726 or by contacting Becky Taylor of the GMA staff at 678-686-6276.