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SB 385, Increase Solid Waste Surcharge

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Last Updated: 3/28/2018
Subject Area: Environment |
Resources: bill text
*Updated 3/28/18
**The language of SB 385 was replaced with legislation for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The substitute language passed the House on March 27th. Though this bill no longer deals with host fees for solid waste the language of SB 385 was added to HB 792, which passed the Senate on March 19th and awaits an Agree/Disagree action in the House.** 

SB 385 was amended in the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee. The current version of the legislation would increase fees for privately-owned municipal solid waste disposal facilities from $1 per ton to $2 per ton effective Jan 1, 2020, and the host local government could negotiate for a higher rate. The fee on coal ash and residuals (CCR) from power generating facilities would increase to $2 July 1, 2025. Construction or demolition waste tipping fees would remain at a $1 minimum, although the host local government could negotiate a higher rate. The bill would further require that at least 50% of the tipping fee be used on the following:
-To offset the impact of the facility;
-Public education efforts for solid and hazardous waste management, as well as litter control;
-Administration of the local or regional solid waste management plan;
-Repair of damage to roads and highways associated with the facility;
-Enhancement of litter control programs;
-Ground-water and air monitoring and protection associated with the location of the facility;
-Allocation of funds in any fiscal year to a reserve fund designated for use for the above purposes in future years; and
-For acquisition of property and interests in property adjacent to or in reasonable proximity to the facility upon a determination by the host local government that such acquisition will serve beautification, environmental, buffering, or recreational purposes such as will ameliorate the impact of the facility.  
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