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SB 2, Local Governments: Business Licensing & Permitting Fee Schedules

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Oppose Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291

Last Updated: 3/31/2017
Subject Area: Finance and Money Management | Municipal Powers |
Resources: bill text
Each local government in this state makes every effort to assist the business community with applications for licenses and permits while balancing the costs to provide a regulatory service. Senate Bill 2 would require added layers of bureaucracy, multiple processes, schedules and payments which would increase the costs to local governments which in turn will negatively impact businesses.

This legislation would mandate that cities and counties establish and publish a time frame and fee schedule related to the processing and issuance of occupational licenses and permits for businesses, professions or occupations.  Additionally, the local government would have to require the applicant to pay 50 percent of the fee upfront.  After payment of half of the fee, the local government would be required to verify with each applicant that an application is complete. If a local government does not meet its published deadline, the fee owed would be reduced by 10 percent for each ten days that the published deadline is not met.

This legislation would also mandate that cities and counties establish an expedited process for permits and licenses that pertain to businesses, and allow a city or county to charge an additional fee not to exceed two times the regular fee for businesses that request the expedited process. It also requires the cities to conduct an annual review of all personal information collected by each local government, as well as collaborating with other governments to avoid duplicating information. 



2/17/2017 Senate Vote #63 Yea - 53 Nay - 0 Not Voting - 0 Excused - 2

3/30/2017 - Withdrawn and Recommitted in House


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