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SB 189, Indigent Defense; Contracts with Circuit Public Defender

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Last Updated: 3/2/2017
Subject Area: Municipal Courts |
Resources: bill text
This legislation changes state law related to the legal defense of indigent persons. Current law allows municipalities to contract with the circuit public defender for the provision of criminal defense for indigent persons. Indigent persons are defined as persons charged with misdemeanors, probation violations, or a municipal offense punishable by imprisonment who also earn not more than 100 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. This legislation would amend such ability for municipalities to contract with the circuit public defender by requiring such contracts to also be for "other indigent individuals" and require approval of the Georgia Public Defender Council for such contracts. Other indigent individuals is defined in this legislation to include individuals any person party to a legal proceeding who earns not more than 150 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. 

1/8/2018 - Assigned to Senate Committee


Sen. Blake Tillery
District 19
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