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SB 176, Drivers' License; Criminal Procedures

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Neutral Rusi Patel, (678) 686-6210

Last Updated: 3/2/2017
Subject Area: Municipal Courts | Public Safety |
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This legislation, part of Georgia's ongoing criminal justice reforms, would alter the procedure for issuing bench warrants for individuals charged with certain traffic violations. The legislation would allow motorists to be issued uniform traffic citations in lieu of being brought before a judge for most non-serious traffic offenses. If the accused fails to appear in court or otherwise dispose of the charges before the scheduled court appearance then, prior to the court issuing a bench warrant, the clerk of court must notify the accused by first-class mail or by postcard at the address listed on the citation of a new court date and time. If the accused fails to appear again then the court will be required, within five days, to forward to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) the accused's driver's license number. DDS would then suspend the accused's license until such person has their case adjudicated and pays a license restoration fee to DDS. Bench warrants would still be allowed to be issued upon the second failure to appear following the processes described in this proposed legislation. 


3/30/2017 Senate Vote #331 Yea - 50 Nay - 0 Not Voting - 4 Excused - 1
3/24/2017 House Vote #316 Yea - 154 Nay - 1 Not Voting - 4 Excused - 21
3/1/2017 Senate Vote #120 Yea - 52 Nay - 0 Not Voting - 2 Excused - 1

7/1/2017 - Effective Date

5/9/2017 - Act 228

5/9/2017 - Date Signed by Governor


John Kennedy

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