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HB 879, Notice of Dewatering of Coal Combustion Residual Impoundments (CCRs)

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Last Updated: 2/16/2018
Subject Area: Environment | Public Safety |
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This bill would require landfill operators that impound coal combustion residuals (CCRS) to give notice to local governments, and post notice on a website, no later than 3 days after the impoundment begins dewatering; within seven days the landfill operator must post notice in the county’s legal organ and post notice on EPD’s website. Landfill operators would be further required to post signs at the point of “outfall” that contain the words “Treated Wastewater from a Coal Ash Pond” and pertinent information regarding the company and EPD.   


2/28/2018 House Vote #631 Yea - 169 Nay - 3 Not Voting - 2 Excused - 6

3/27/2018 - Tabled in Senate


Rep. Jeff Jones
District 167
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