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HB 757, Taxicabs: Soft Taximeter Defined

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Last Updated: 2/6/2018
Subject Area: Municipal Powers | Transportation |
Resources: bill text
This bill would define the term “soft taximeter” as a smartphone, tablet, or similar electronic device with a touchscreen that can be used as a taximeter. Local governments would be obligated to allow use so long as the soft taximeter device can be demonstrated to meet accuracy standards. The bill further reinforces the power of local governments to regulate taxi services through the medallion system, yet mandates that local governing authorities of airports cannot impose age limits on taxis less than 8 years old.  


2/13/2018 House Vote #490 Yea - 150 Nay - 15 Not Voting - 8 Excused - 7

3/27/2018 - Tabled in Senate


Rep. Alan Powell
District 32
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