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HB 518, Rights-of-Way: Compensation for Telecommunications Equipment

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Working With Author Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291

Last Updated: 3/17/2017
Subject Area: Municipal Powers | Taxation | Utilities |
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This legislation would amend the compensation due to cities for placement of telecom equipment in the right of way.

Current law allows cities to charge 3% of revenues to telecoms which have retail end users within the city. If the telecom does not have retail end users, current law allows cities to charge the telecom the same rate per linear mile as the Department of Transportation which is $5,000 per linear mile in densely populated areas and $1,000 per linear mile in more rural areas.

This legislation would first allow telecoms who do not have retail end users, but are instead wholesalers, to pay 3% of their revenues in a jurisdiction for use of the right of way. Additionally, it would create a flat rate for those telecoms who don't have retail end users or wholesale users in a jurisdiction of $500 per linear mile.


3/3/2017 - Assigned To House Committee


Lee Hawkins

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