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HB 434, Condemnation of Blighted Properties

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Last Updated: 2/21/2017
Subject Area: Land Use and Annexation | Municipal Powers |
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Current law prohibits a municipality from selling property condemned for blight for a period of 20 years. This legislation creates a process to allow a municipality to condemn for blight and sell the property immediately. The legislation would amend state law to allow a municipality to petition the superior court for a determination that a property is blighted. If the superior court determines that the property is blighted then the municipality would be able to petition the superior court to condemn such property. Both court processes would require notices to interested parties and hearings. If, after the second court process, the superior court issues an order allowing the municipality to condemn the blighted property then the municipality would be able to sell the property immediately. However, any condemnation completed under this process must retain the same legal land use that was last applicable to the blighted property before the condemnation for a period of five years after the condemnation. 


3/30/2017 Senate Vote #357 Yea - 40 Nay - 7 Not Voting - 3 Excused - 5
3/30/2017 House Vote #397 Yea - 145 Nay - 17 Not Voting - 12 Excused - 6
3/28/2017 Senate Vote #283 Yea - 42 Nay - 10 Not Voting - 1 Excused - 2
3/3/2017 House Vote #203 Yea - 158 Nay - 6 Not Voting - 9 Excused - 7

7/1/2017 - Effective Date

5/9/2017 - Act 265

5/9/2017 - Date Signed by Governor


Rep. Wendell Willard
District 49
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