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HB 381, Abandoned Mobile Homes

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Working With Author Rusi Patel, (678) 686-6210

Last Updated: 3/2/2017
Subject Area: Economic Development and Redevelopment | Municipal Powers |
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This legislation would create a process for landowners to get rid of abandoned and derelict mobile homes left on their property by irresponsible tenants. The legislation clearly defines local government agent to state that there is no requirement or mandate that a local government appoint a local government agent. However, the legislation allows landowners to request a local government send an agent to assess the condition of mobile homes to make a determination if such mobile homes should be classified as abandoned. 

If the local government agent makes such an assessment then a notice will be required to be posted on the property and hearing will be held in magistrate court within 30 days. The court will either confirm or deny the decision of the local government agent. If the court determines that the abandoned mobile home is derelict then the court will be required to issue an order finding as such and the landowner will become responsible for disposing of the abandoned mobile home within 180 days. 


2/17/2017 - Assigned To House Committee


John Corbett

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