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HB 362, Local Government Officials: Start of Term of Office

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Oppose Rusi Patel, (678) 686-6210

Last Updated: 3/2/2017
Subject Area: Elections |
Resources: bill text
HB 362 would require local officials to take office after a general election the Monday after the election was held if that date is five days after the election results were certified. If there is an issue regarding the election results, the local official would take office on the Monday after a judgment has been entered deciding the election. HB 362 would also require any vote of a local government body between the election date and when new members of the governing authority take office to be unanimous. HB 362 would allow local governments to pass a resolution allowing the terms of office to begin on January 1 following a general election. 

3/30/2017 - Withdrawn and Recommitted in House


Rep. Andrew Welch
District 110
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