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HB 327, TAVT Changes - Welcome to GA, Leased Cars, Classic Cars, and Transfer of Title

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Last Updated: 3/16/2018
Subject Area: Taxation |
Resources: bill text
HB 327 would amend the existing TAVT law to address several issues that have been pointed out since the State changed the way that motor vehicles were taxed in 2013. The legislation reduces the rate of TAVT for new Georgia residents who title their vehicles in Georgia from out of state from 7% to 3%. 

The latest version of this legislation would not address the parity issue between new and used cars. It would continue to tax used cars at book price, and new cars at sale price. 

Finally, the latest version of the bill would lock local governments into a 60/40% split with the State for the distribution of TAVT revenues. Current law would elevate local governments to 72% of TAVT revenues by year 2023, marking a 12% decrease.        



2/21/2018 House Vote #537 Yea - 125 Nay - 41 Not Voting - 8 Excused - 6

3/21/2018 - Pending in Senate Rules


Rep. Shaw Blackmon
District 146
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