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HB 160, Georgia Commission on Transit Governance

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Last Updated: 3/7/2017
Subject Area: Transportation |
Resources: bill text
The purpose of the proposed legislation is to create the Georgia Commission on Transit Governance (“the Commission”). This bill defines in code Mass transportation and mass transportation facility. Its function is to create a statewide transit governance board with the guidance of transit industry leaders. The proposed legislation calls for definition of its purpose and duties. The commission will be comprised of the following:
  • Three members appointed by the Governor
  • Four members of the Senate
  • Four members of the House
  • The Commissioner of Transportation, ex officio
  • The executive director of the Georgia Regional Transit Authority, ex officio
  • the CEO of MARTA, ex officio
  • The directors of all metropolitian planning organizations, ex officio 
 According to this proposed legislation, no members of local governments are required to be members the commission.
The commission shall study and asses the needs for potential methods of funding and mean of providing mass transportation and mass transportation facilities for metropolitan areas of the state.

 A final written report of the commission’s findings shall be submitted by December 31, 2017. 



3/28/2017 Senate Vote #297 Yea - 50 Nay - 3 Not Voting - 1 Excused - 1
2/16/2017 House Vote #60 Yea - 166 Nay - 1 Not Voting - 5 Excused - 8

3/28/2017 - Tabled in Senate


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