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HB 144, Retail Pet Store Sales

Municipal Impact Position Contact
Oppose Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291

Last Updated: 2/16/2017
Subject Area: Municipal Powers |
Resources: bill text
This legislation would define a retail pet store owner as a pet dealer that operates an establishment engaging in a for profit business of selling dogs and/or cats at retail rates to be kept as household pets. Additionally, this bill would place state regulations on the suppliers of the pets and on the retail pet store owners. 

While current law allows cities to enforce local ordinances, not in conflict with the laws related to pet sales, this legislation would add new language to the law to prohibit local governments, including cities, from adopting or enforcing any ordinances or rules, which directly or indirectly prohibits or restricts the sale, delivery or transfer of pets from licensed retail pet store owners. Due to this preemption language, GMA opposes this measure. 
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