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HB 115, Taxis & Limousines: Fees and Sales Taxes

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Last Updated: 1/27/2017
Subject Area: Municipal Powers | Public Safety | Taxation |
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This legislation would amend Georgia laws governing taxis and limos. Under current law, taxi and limo operators are responsible for paying an annual master license fee to the state based upon the number of vehicles in the taxi or limo fleet. Currently, this fee is split between the state and the local governments with the state retaining 57% of the fee and the local governments receiving 43% of the fee. This legislation would change the fee to be $300 annually per taxi vehicle or limo vehicle, to be split on the same percentage basis. However, this legislation would eliminate any future sales tax liability on fares collected by such vehicles.

Additionally, this legislation would state that, although taxis and limos would not be responsible for sales taxes on fares, other transportation services, such as ride-share services, would remain responsible for remitting sales taxes on fares. 

1/26/2017 - Assigned To House Committee


Rep. Alan Powell
District 32
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