Executive Director Search


During the May 12 meeting of the GMA Executive Committee, the committee finalized plans to conduct a search for the association’s next executive director. The committee will retain the services of The Mercer Group, Inc., a management consulting with more than 40 years of experience. The Mercer Group, Inc. has extensive experience in conducting executive director searches for municipal leagues across the country. It’s believed that this Atlanta-based firm has conducted more searches of this type than any firm in the nation. The search process normally takes about 90 to 120 days.
The Mercer Group, Inc. will provide the following services to GMA:
  • Analyze the position and draft a Position Profile/Recruitment Brochure;
  • Recruit for the position on a regional and national basis;
  • Invite potential candidates to apply who meet the criteria established by GMA;
  • Review and screen applications;
  • Conduct interviews and background checks of selected candidates;
  • Recommend a list of final candidates with reference and background reports, an Interview Guide, suggested questions and candidate evaluation forms;
  • Coordinate final interviews, conduct final background checks and negotiate an agreement with the selected candidate and follow-up.
It was also voted and passed by the committee that GMA’s current Deputy Director Bill Thornton would serve as the interim Executive Director if the position is not filled by July 31. GMA will keep its members abreast on the search process with website announcements.

Search Committee Members

  • Mayor Bill McIntosh, Chair        
  • Mayor Dorothy Hubbard            
  • Mayor Linda Blechinger            
  • Mayor Phil Best                        
  • Mayor Vince Williams               
  • Mayor Mike Bodker                  
  • Mayor Pro Tem Beth English 
  • Council President Caesar Mitchell                   
  • Mayor Annette Morman            
  • Mayor Pro Tem Evelyn Pugh                    
  • Mayor Kenneth Smith              
  • Mayor Barbara Williams          
  • Mayor Keith Brady
  • Marcia Rubensohn (former GMA employee)
Download the Recruitment Brochure for the GMA Executive Director position.
GMA Executive Director Search Committee Meeting
September 19, 2017 (Macon, GA)

GMA Executive Director Search Committee Meeting
October 17-18, 2017 (Macon, GA)