Debt Collection

Revenue Recovery for Debt Collection
The pain of collecting unpaid fees—from utilities, parking violations, delinquent court fines, or other payments owed to you—requires time and attention. But that process can be difficult when your staff needs to focus on other work, or you don’t have the right information on hand.
For example, what happens when a citizen moves? Are you able to remind that person about delinquent payments at their new address? Do you track all of this information in a database?
You might try using debt collection vendors, but they may annoy your citizens or take too much of a cut of your payments—sometimes as high as 50%. With your city needing revenue, you need low rates and the right debt collection processes so that you don’t miss a cent that’s owed you.
GMA—through its debt collection partner Penn Credit—helps you not only collect unpaid debt but also improve your overall debt collection processes. That way, you’re regularly collecting unpaid fees now and in the future. Plus, you receive some of the lowest possible debt collection rates in the industry—below 20%.
So, do you think you’re effectively collecting your debt? If not, you need to give us a call.

Unique, Focused Expertise in Debt Collection and Local Government
Unlike a typical vendor, Penn Credit’s focused experience on both debt collection and local government means they are politically sensitive in dealing with your citizens and businesses. With many decades of expertise, Penn Credit helps you:
  • Examine your current debt collection processes, looking for gaps and weaknesses.
  • Collect the right information about citizens and businesses, and making sure you collect that information upfront with each new customer.
  • Collect unpaid debt from utility services, taxes, parking fines, and other owed payments.
  • Implement more real-time processes connected with paying debt, such as turning someone’s utility service back on immediately after they pay their debt.
  • Improve your debt collection processes to maximize future revenue collection.
  • Increase overall payment compliance with all customers, including currently non-delinquent customers.
State-of-the-Art Debt Collection Services
With our experience and partnership with Penn Credit, you benefit from some of the best debt collection processes in the industry. That includes:
  • Customized debt collection processes that fit the needs of your city.
  • Professional customer service representatives, trained to be politically sensitive with your citizens.
  • A variety of options for people to pay, including online payments.
  • Multiple ways that you can submit your debt collection information to Penn Credit. Do you have a pile of paper, or unorganized information in a database? No problem. We handle and make sense of your information in whatever way you submit it to us.
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools for tracking your city’s debt collection progress. You can access our software 24/7 to check the status of your debt collection information anytime, anywhere.
  • Compliance with all debt collection laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR).

We also act quickly. As soon as you begin working with us, we can start collecting your debt within 3-5 business days. That’s because with our decades of experience in both debt collection and local government, we understand what it takes to get the ball rolling—immediately.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today.