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Elected Officials

Mr. David Maynard
Council Member
Mr. Alfonza Brown
Council Member
Mr. Mike Healan
Council Member
Mr. Travis Singley
Council Member
Mr. Jimmy Terrell
Council Member
Mr. Chris Akins
Council Member
Mr. Sonny Morris

Other Officials*

City Manager
Donald Toms
City Attorney
John Stell
City Clerk
Maddison Dean
Water Supt.
Roger Wilhelm
Fire Chief
Matt Whiting
Municipal Court Judge
Stephen Nicholas
Gas Supt.
Roger Wilhelm
Police Chief
Jim Fullington
City Planner
Barry Edgar
Zoning Administrator
Barry Edgar
Public Works Director
Neil Counts
Code Enforcement
Jeff Childs
Finance Officer
Leslie Wilder
Information Technology Contact
Alezhiawan Ransome
Community Development
Donald Toms
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

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PO Box 566
Winder, GA 30680-0566
Phone:(770) 867-3106
Fax:(770) 867-0587
Population (official): 14,099
Population (estimate): 16,244
RC: Northeast Georgia
GMA District: 5
County: BARROW
Congressional District: 10
State Senate District: 47
State House District: 114, 116