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Elected Officials

Mr. William McIntosh
Council Member
Mr. Cornelius Ponder
Council Member
Mr. Cecil H. Barber
Council Member
Ms. Wilma Hadley
Council Member
Ms. Angela Castellow
Council Member
Mrs. Lisa Clarke Hill
Council Member
Mr. Daniel L. Dunn

Other Officials*

City Manager
Peter Dillard
City Attorney
Mickey Waller
City Clerk
Tina Coleman
Street Supt.
Daniel Ward
City Engineer
Greg Monfort
City Planner
Daniel Parrish
Fire Chief
Kenneth Hannon
Parks & Recreation Director
Terry Peek
Police Chief
Sean Ladson
Public Works Director
Daniel Ward
Sanitation Supt.
Daniel Ward
Wastewater Supt.
Charles Haulbrook
Code Enforcement
David Mundt
Municipal Court Judge
David Herndon
Community Development
Daniel Parrish
Zoning Administrator
Daniel Parrish
Purchasing Agent
Daniel Lawson
Police Chief
Michael Cox
Information Technology Contact
Don Howell
Personnel Director
Marci Meadows
Finance Officer
Gary McDaniel
Downtown Manager
Amy Johnson
Electrical Supt.
Elvira Gibson
Gas Supt.
Elvira Gibson
Water Supt.
Elvira Gibson
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

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PO Box 3368
Moultrie, GA 31776
Phone:(229) 985-1974
Fax:(229) 668-0351
Population (official): 14,268
Population (estimate): 14,160
RC: Southwest Georgia
GMA District: 10
Congressional District: 8
State Senate District: 11
State House District: 171, 172