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Elected Officials

Mr. John Howard
Council Member
Ms. Lee Malcom
Council Member
Mr. David F. Dickinson
Council Member
Mr. Norman Garrett
Council Member
Ms. Myoshia Crawford
Council Member
Mr. Larry Bradley
Council Member
Mr. Nathan Little
Council Member
Mr. Ross Bradley
Vice Mayor
Mr. Wayne Adcock

Other Officials*

City Administrator
Logan Propes
City Attorney
Russell Preston
City Attorney
Paul Rosenthal
City Clerk
Debbie Kirk
Utilities Supt.
Rodney Middlebrooks
Information Technology Contact
Steve Conwell
Electrical Supt.
Brian Thompson
Fire Chief
William Owens
Gas Supt.
Rodney Middlebrooks
Public Works Director
Jeremiah Still
Purchasing Agent
Chris Bailey
Sanitation Supt.
Danny Smith
Code Enforcement
Patrick Kelley
Finance Officer
Beth Thompson
Gas Supt.
Bryan Pittman
Downtown Manager
Leigh Ann Walker
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

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PO Box 1249
Monroe, GA 30655-1249
Phone:(770) 267-7536
Fax:(770) 267-2319
Population (official): 13,234
Population (estimate): 13,484
RC: Northeast Georgia
GMA District: 5
County: WALTON
Congressional District: 10
State Senate District: 25, 46
State House District: 115