City of Talbotton

PO Box 215
Talbotton, GA 31827-0215
Phone:(706) 665-8542
Fax:(706) 665-8017
Population (official): 970
Population (estimate): 906
RC: River Valley
GMA District: 8
County: TALBOT
Congressional District: 2
State Senate District: 15
State House District: 137

Elected Officials

Tony Lamar
Council Member
Charles Blackmar
Council Member
Dennis Collier
Council Member
Elijah Epps
Council Member
John Lamar
Council Member
Annie Powell
Council Member
Walter Wilson

Other Officials*

City Attorney
Dennis McPherson
City Clerk
Vanessa Adams
Municipal Court Clerk
Vanessa Adams
Police Chief
Bobby Gates
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.