City of Franklin

PO Box 250
Franklin, GA 30217-0250
Phone:(706) 675-6623
Fax:(706) 675-8736
Population (official): 993
Population (estimate): 979
RC: Three Rivers
GMA District: 4
County: HEARD
Congressional District: 3
State Senate District: 28
State House District: 69

Elected Officials

Joel Rogers
Mayor Pro Tem
Willie Almond
Council Member
Kevin Hayes
Council Member
Clifford Jiles, Jr.
Council Member
Shane Manders
Council Member
Sarah Nelms

Other Officials*

David Mecklin
City Clerk
Myra Braswell
Police Chief
Kevin Hannah
Sanitation Supt.
Michael Holcomb
Municipal Court Judge
Emmett Harrod
Municipal Court Clerk
Ranet Swift
Finance Officer
Myra Braswell
Zoning Administrator
Myra Braswell
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.