City of Arcade

PO Box 417
Jefferson, GA 30549-0417
Phone:(706) 367-5500
Fax:(706) 367-1914
Population (official): 1,786
Population (estimate): 1,760
RC: Northeast Georgia
GMA District: 5
Congressional District: 9
State Senate District: 47
State House District: 31, 117

Elected Officials

Doug Haynie
Council Member
Dean Bentley
Council Member
Cynthia Bone
Council Member
Deborah Gammon
Council Member
Tom Hays
Council Member
Ron Smith

Other Officials*

City Manager
Deborah Mockus
City Attorney
Jody Campbell
City Manager
Deborah Mockus
Police Chief
Randy Williams
City Engineer
Chris Quigley
Municipal Court Judge
Gabriel Bradford
Municipal Court Clerk
Deborah Mockus
Zoning Administrator
Deborah Mockus
Finance Officer
Deborah Mockus
Public Works Director
Kermit Simmons
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.


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