City of Alpharetta

2 S Main St
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Phone:(678) 297-6000
Fax:(678) 297-6001
Population (official): 57,551
Population (estimate): 61,981
RC: Atlanta Regional
GMA District: 3
County: FULTON
Congressional District: 6
State Senate District: 21, 48, 56
State House District: 47, 48, 49

Elected Officials

David Belle Isle
Council Member
D.C. Aiken
Council Member
Michael Cross
Council Member
Jim Gilvin
Council Member
Mike Kennedy
Council Member
Donald Mitchell
Council Member
Chris Owens

Other Officials*

City Administrator
Robert Regus
Asst. City Administrator
James Drinkard
City Attorney
C. Sam Thomas
City Clerk
Coty Thigpen
Parks & Recreation Director
Michael Perry
Street Supt.
Wayne Parker
Information Technology Contact
Randy Bundy
Municipal Court Clerk
Elizabeth Sahlin
Municipal Court Judge
Jim Matoney
Finance Officer
Thomas Harris
Public Safety Director
Gary George
City Engineer
Peter Sewczwicz
Personnel Director
James Drinkard
Purchasing Agent
Shawn Mitchell
Public Works Director
Peter Sewczwicz
Community Development
Richard McLeod
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.