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Federal Issues

The Bill is Due: Now What? Infrastructure, Pensions and the Environment

May 24, 2018   |  Best Best & Krieger LLP
Throughout history, successful governments have created and maintained infrastructure that has allowed for growth, innovation and prosperity. What happens, however, when governments do not continue to make long-term and strategic investments in infrastructure? How can governments maintain current levels of success and prosperity when the bill for failing to invest in infrastructure, or prepare for climate change, start to come due?

Capital Needs of Georgia's Cities, 2018-2022

GMA’s Capital Needs Report provides an overview of the projected 5-year capital needs for Georgia’s cities based on a survey of GMA’s 521 member cities. Additional resources include a GMA Capital Needs and Value of Cities Reference Document.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG has served to create jobs, develop affordable housing, stabilize neighborhoods and provide necessary public services to local governments throughout Georgia. The strength of the CDBG program lies in local determination of immediate need, flexibility in addressing problems, identifying eligible activities, and responsible administration of funds by state and local officials.


The Internet marketplace is rapidly expanding – It does not make sense to treat one channel of sales differently than another. Online sales are growing 4 times faster than sales made at brick and mortar establishments. To level the playing field for Georgia’s hometown businesses, Congress must take action to allow state and local governments to require retailers to collect sales taxes on online purchases.

Federal Tax Reform

Municipal bonds have been a foundation for local infrastructure finance for 100 years. The threat to this important resource is very real, and Georgia’s delegation members need to hear from city officials. GMA encourages all city officials to touch base with your Senators and Congressmen to urge them to protect the tax treatment for municipal bonds.
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Various city officials speak about the importance of CDBG.
Senator Isakson discusses GMA's Federal priorities for Mayors' Day 2017.