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The Internet marketplace is rapidly expanding – It does not make sense to treat one channel of sales differently than another. Online sales are growing 4 times faster than sales made at brick and mortar establishments. To level the playing field for Georgia’s hometown businesses, Congress must take action to allow state and local governments to require retailers to collect sales taxes on online purchases. 

A Primer: The Congressional Battle Over Digital Sales Tax 
September 20, 2016   |  Jennifer McLoughlin - Bloomberg BNA
States and retailers hope Congress will break its pattern of inaction on online sales tax authority before wrapping up for the year. But it's anyone's guess whether legislators will find the time or the momentum.

Auburn Retailer’s Story Details Local Impact of E-Fairness Issue Auburn Retailer’s Story Details Local Impact of E-Fairness Issue 
November 9, 2015
One of GMA’s top federal priorities is the issue of e-Fairness. Each year, Geor­gia’s state and local governments lose more than $800 million in sales tax revenue. Without Congressional action, state and local governments cannot compel Internet and catalog retailers to collect and remit sales taxes that are due on purchases.

Marketplace Fairness Act: Myths vs. Reality  
September 18, 2013
This one-page fact sheet dispels some of the myths surrounding the Marketplace Fairness Act. GMA encourages city officials to use this when speaking with their member of Congress about this issue.

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