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Job Descriptions

Administrative Assistant 1 (Alpharetta)
Finance Director (Rome)
Administrative Assistant 2 (Alpharetta)
Finance Director (Douglasville)
Assistant City Clerk (Kennessaw)
Finance Director (Augusta)
Bureau of Personnel Administration Director (Atlanta)
Finance Officer (Gainesville)
Finance Officer (Atlanta)
City Administrator (Smyrna)
Finance Operations Analyst (Duluth)
City Administrator (McDonough)
Human Resources Manager (Roswell)
City Administrator (Duluth)
Personnel Director (Rome)
City Administrator (Claxton)
Personnel Officer (Duluth)
City Clerk (Toccoa)
Assistant City Administrator (pop. 50,000+)
City Clerk (Perry)
Assistant City Manager (pop. 10,000-24,999)
City Clerk (Lawrenceville)
Assistant City Manager (pop. 25,000-49,999)
City Clerk (Duluth)
City Clerk (pop. 5,000-9,999)
City Clerk (Douglasville)
City Clerk (pop. 50,000+)
City Clerk (Clarkesville)
City Manager (pop. 1,000-2,499)
City Clerk (Cairo)
City Manager (pop. 5,000-9,999)
City Clerk / Finance Director (Dublin)
Director of Org. Performance and Accountability (pop. 50,000+)
City Manager (Toccoa)
Senior HR Generalist (pop. 25,000-49,999)
City Manager
Purchasing Agent (pop. 25,000-49,999)
City Manager (Cornelia)
Assistant Human Resources Director (pop. 50,000+)
City Manager (Clarkesville)
Customer Service Representative - Finance (pop. 50,000+)
City Manager (Carrollton)
Finance Director (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Deputy Clerk (Athens-Clarke)
Management Analyst (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Executive Assistant (Peachtree City)
City Treasurer (pop. 10,000-24,999)

Community Development
Community Development Director (Norcross)
Economic Development Director (pop. 50,000+)
Development Director (Warner Robins)
Main Street Coordinator (pop. 5,000-9,999)
Development Inspector (Duluth)
Planning and Development Technician (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Development Process Coordinator (Duluth)
Planning and Zoning Director (pop. 50,000+)
Director of Planning & Development (Duluth)
Assistant Director Downtown Economic Development (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Downtown Development Director
Building Inspector (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Economic Development Specialist (Duluth)
Economic Development Director (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Main Street Program Manager
Building Inspector (pop. 50,000+)
Planning and Development Coordinator (Cartersville)
Planning, Building, Zoning Director (pop. 10,000–24,999)
Civil Engineer (pop. 25,000-49,999)
Senior Building Inspector (pop. 25,000–49,000)
Downtown Association/Main Street Director (pop. 10,000-24,999)
DDA Manager (pop. 5,000-9,999)
Economic Development Director (pop. 25,000-49,999)

Parks & Recreation
Parks and Recreation Department Director
Parks and Tree Maintenance Worker (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Parks and Recreation Department Director (Columbus)
Recreation Division Administrator (pop. 50,000+)
Parks Maintenance Worker 1 (Columbus)

Public Safety
Fire Captain (Hartwell)
Police Officer (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Fire Chief
Police Officer (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Fire Chief (Perry)
Police Officer (pop. 25,000-49,999)
Fire Chief (Morrow)
Firefighter (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Fire Chief (Dublin)
Firefighter/EMT (pop. 25,000-49,999)
Fire Chief (Americus)
Firefighter (part-time, pop. 10,000-24,999)
Fire Chief (Albany)
Firefighter/Paramedic (pop. 25,000-49,999)
Fire Marshal (Morrow)
Patrol Officer (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Paremedic (Morrow)
Police Officer (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Police Chief (Toccoa)
Firefighter (pop. 5,000-9,999)
Police Chief
Patrol Officer (pop. 25,000-49,999)
Police Chief (Peachtree City)
Firefighter (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Police Chief (Marietta)
Firefighter (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Police Chief (Dublin)
Police Officer (pop. less than 500)
Police Chief (Douglasville)
Police Chief (pop. 1,000-2,499)
Police Chief (Chamblee)
Police Officer – Code Enforcement (pop. 2,500 - 4,999)
Police Chief (Acworth)

Public Works
Building Service Worker
Director of Public Services (pop. 25,000–49,999)
Public Works Deputy Commissioner (Atlanta)
Public Works Director (pop. 1,000-2,499)
Shop Superintendent
Public Works Laborer (pop. less than 500)
Truck Driver
Public Works Superintendent (pop. 5,000-9,999)
Public Works Director (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Water Sewer Crew (pop. 50,000+)
Public Works Director (pop. 5,000-9,999)

Electrical Superintendent (Lawrenceville)
Heavy Equipment Operator (pop. 50,000+)
Wastewater Superintendent (Collins)
Maintenance Worker (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Water Pollution Control Maintenance Supervisor (Athens-Clarke)
Maintenance Worker II (pop. 50,000+)
Water Superintendent (Collins)
Utility Locator (pop. 5,000-9,999)
Water Treatment Superintendent 1 (Augusta)
Utility Service Worker (pop. 50,000+)
Water Treatment Superintendent 2 (Augusta)
Waste Equipment Operator (pop. 50,000+)
Gas Superintendent (pop. 10,000-24,999)
Water and Sewer Operations Coordinator (pop. 50,000+)
Maintenance Worker (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Water Crew Member (pop. 5,000-9,999)
Assistant Utilities Engineer (pop. 50,000+)
Water and Sewer Superintendent (pop. 2,500-4,999)
Equipment Operator (pop. 50,000+)
The sample ordinances, agreements, job descriptions and other documents listed here are provided as examples only and should not be utilized until a thorough analysis of the respective document has been undertaken by the city.

Job descriptions should be written with the assistance of an attorney, industrial psychologist, or consultant skilled in content validity procedures and aware of the potential legal ramifications of job descriptions as imposed by the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Model and sample ordinances, agreements and other documents are provided for educational purposes only and are not intended to be legal advice. Cities should consult with their city attorney to obtain legal advice about a proposed course of action.