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National Transportation Noise Map

March 24, 2017  |  U.S. Department of Transportation
The information provided here is for informational and educational purposes and does not necessarily reflect the opinion and/or policy position of the Georgia Municipal Association.

The noise map facilitates the tracking of trends in transportation-related noise for multiple transportation modes.

The data allow viewing the national picture of potential exposure to aviation and highway noise. The data also allow viewing of the potential exposure at the state or county level. The table below demonstates the percent of U.S. population with the potential to be exposed to transportation noise.

National Transportation Noise Map

Table: Percent of U.S. Population with the Potential to be Exposed to Transportation Noise (2014)

A-weighted 24-hour LAEQ (dBA) Common comparable sounds Aviation Road (Interstate)
Less than 50 Refrigerator humming (~40 dBA) 97.12 98.00
50 to 59 Quiet office (~50 dBA) 2.65 1.30
60 to 69 Conversational speech (~60 dBA) 0.21 0.44
70 to 79 Vacuum cleaner (~70 dBA) 0.01 0.25
80 or more Garbage disposal (~80 dBA) < 0.01 0.06