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4.6 percent of Georgia Bridges are Structurally Deficient.

January 30, 2018  |  American Road & Transportation Builders Association
The information provided here is for informational and educational purposes and does not necessarily reflect the opinion and/or policy position of the Georgia Municipal Association.

Of the 14,863 bridges in Georgia, 692, or 4.6 percent, are classified as structurally deficient. 

2018 Deficient Bridge Report

A recent analysis by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ABTBA) looks at the number of structually deficient bridges across the country. Findings include:

  • 4,259 of the nation’s 612,677 bridges are rated “structurally deficient.”
  • Americans cross these deficient bridges 174 million times daily.
  • Of the 14,863 bridges in the state, 692, or 4.6 percent, are classified as structurally deficient. This means one of the key elements is in poor or worse condition.
  • 1,460 bridges are posted for load, which may restrict the size and weight of vehicles crossing the structure.
  • Over the last five years, bridge investment has accounted for 23.4 percent of highway and bridge contract awards in the state, compared to an average of 28.9 percent nationwide.
  • Over the last 10 years, 988 new bridges have been constructed in the state; 138 have undergone major reconstruction.
  • The state has identified needed repairs on 2,910 bridges; which the state estimates will cost $16.9 billion.