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Watkinsville - The Artland of Georgia

August 29, 2016  |  Mayor Charles Ivie
Many historical towns/villages are identified by statues of famous people telling a compelling story of place and culture. Watkinsville does not have such a monument, though its history extends to the beginning of the 19th century. What it does have is art, and a thriving community pride in its growing reputation as the Artland of Georgia. 
Watkinsville Mayor Charles Ivie discusses the city's art program.

Centered primarily with the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF), Watkinsville has become a center of art instruction and widely heralded public exhibitions, from painting to pottery, jewelry-making to literary expres­sion, and any other discipline that artists create in the exploration of their curiosity. That pride and support is hard to miss. Drive around Watkinsville and you will see evidence of an initiative that began in 2000 with a program called Artscape. In 2009 and again in 2010, city officials, in conjunction with OCAF, erected colorful and imaginative public art boards that, over time, have become the "statues" of Watkinsville's persona, trumpeting the vitality of a community that revels in its uniqueness.

But it is not a finished project. Today, the city and OCAF are developing programs designed to celebrate Watkinsville not only as the Artland of Georgia, but also as a model of city planning.
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