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Regional Workshop: Background Checks, Alcohol Licensing, and ISO

May 22, 2018
During the spring of 2018, GMA offered a workshop focusing on background check, alcohol licensing, and ISO community ratings in various locations throughout the state. Representatives from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia Department of Revenue, and ISO made presentations and answered questions about the topics. The final workshop in Rome was recorded and is available for viewing below.
Shauntrice Montgomery, CJIS Training Specialist I at GBI, presents at the regional workshop in Rome, GA. Shauntrice's presentation was concerned with local governments' use of noncriminal background check information.
Robert Wood, Special Agent in Charge – District 2, Georgia Department of Revenue, Alcohol & Tobacco Law Enforcement Division, presents at the regional workshop in Rome, GA. Robert's presentation was concerned with the laws, rules, and regulations governing alcohol licensing.
Michael Morash, Regional Manager SE US for ISO, presents at the Regional Workshop in Rome, GA. Michael's presentation was concerned with ISO's role in assessing communities.
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