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QuickBooks Pro Tutorials

July 17, 2014
The following recordings are are for Georgia cities that use QuickBooks Pro® 2013 for governmental accounting purposes. 

Set Up & Navigation

This webinar was recorded on January 7, 2014 and focused on set-up and navigating through QuickBooks Pro® 2013 using the state uniform chart of accounts and has been broken up into five parts.. 

Part 1 - Introduction
This section of the webinar provides a brief introduction of the presenter, Sabrina Cape, and her background within local government in Georgia. This section also lays out the framework of the modular format of this webinar series.

Part 2 - Setting Up a Governmental Entity
Within this section, Sabrina Cape instructs new users of QuickBooks Pro® 2013 how to initiate the set up process of a governmental fund (New Company) within the program. Sabrina continues by aiding viewers to determine the structure of their government funds and provides examples of possible enterprise funds.

Part 3 - Using the Uniform Chart of Accounts
The third section of the recorded tutorial provides viewers with a walk through of the process by which data is manually entered within QuickBooks Pro® 2013. Within this section, Sabrina also guides users to understand and use the Uniform Chart of Accounts.

Part 4 - Navigation
Throughout the fourth section of the webinar, Sabrina shows viewers the numerous ways to access the data that has been entered. A review of the resources found within QuickBooks Pro® 2013 is also completed.

Part 5 - Conclusion and Q&A
During this section, Sabrina provides a brief review of the content covered within the tutorial and answers live questions as they were received from the views.


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable
Topics covered in this webinar include how to set up vendors using standardized naming conventions, entering invoices using best practices in AP and standardization, properly coding invoices using the standardized state uniform chart of accounts, processing payments for recurring and nonrecurring vendors and reviewing check registers for potential issues.


Payroll Administration

Part 1 - Payroll Setup
The objective of this webinar is to instruct participants on how to set up a payroll process to include adding employees and liabilities. Quickbooks reporting functionality is reviewed as well. Also, how to use Internal Revenue Service, Georgia Department of Revenue, Georgia Department of Labor and the Department of Homeland Security to assist in employee set up is also covered.

Part 2 - Payroll Administration
The goal of this webinar is to assist GMA member officials in effectively using QuickBooks Pro 2013 in a government setting, specifically during the payroll process. This tutorial focused on payroll administration. In addition to familiarizing participants with QuickBooks navigation, objectives of the training will be to instruct participants on how to process a scheduled and an unscheduled payroll, and how to utilize reports to reconcile payroll taxes, end of month, end of quarter and end of year cycles.


Revenue & Reports

Payment Processing, Bank Reconciliation and Financial Reports

The goal of the webinar is to assist GMA member officials in effectively using QuickBooks Pro 2013 in a government setting. The tutorial focuses on Revenue and Reports. The objectives of the tutorial are to instruct participants on how to:

• Process payments and cash receipts
• Reconcile bank statements on checking accounts
• Determine most appropriate reports for periodic use by management for review of the city’s financial status
• Set memorized reports for ease of access on a regular basis.