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Georgia’s Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)

July 8, 2016  |  Georgia State University - Lindsay Kuhn, Sarah Larson, Carolyn Bourdeaux
Community improvement districts (CIDs) are an increasingly popular method of promoting economic growth in Georgia, with 25 active CIDs currently. CIDs have influenced the development of the metro Atlanta region significantly and have since expanded to other parts of the state.

Georgia CIDs are a type of business improvement district (BID). BIDs emerged in the United States as an organizational mechanism for property owners to address problems endemic to urban areas, such as economic decline, by levying an additional property tax (or other fees). Both BIDs and CIDs provide supplemental services such as landscaping, street cleaning, public safety and transportation improvements.

This report examines Georgia’s CIDs and then compares CIDs to another type of BID model used in Georgia, as well as BID entities in neighboring states. Georgia’s CIDs and the broader universe of BIDs are quasi-governmental entities. However, Georgia CIDs are more autonomous than the other types of BIDs examined in this report. CIDs have a wider scope of eligible services that they can provide and a broad mandate to provide supplemental services and facilities in their districts than the BIDs reviewed. The other BIDs examined in this report often have clear dissolution clauses and are chartered to provide more limited and clearly defined services.
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