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GMA Workshop Series: DOR Local Government Services

December 17, 2015
GMA offered regional workshops in December 2015 to provide municipal officials with information about local revenues that are administered by the Department of Revenue. Presenters included DOR staff with expertise in property tax, sales tax, TAVT, motor fuel taxes and other tax revenue sources. These 4-hour sessions were made available to help local officials and staff understand how revenues are collected and distributed by DOR.

The videos presented in the playlist below are the recordings of the final regional workshop in Albany, GA on December 9. The workshop recordings are divided according the subject matter and presented as they were delivered at the workshop. The presentations from the Department of Revenue are also available for download.

This webinar has been broken down into six seperate videos. Use the Playlist menu on the upper left-hand side of the video player to select/view the other videos.

Download Georgia DOR Alcohol and Tobacco Division Presentation

Download Georgia DOR Local Government Services Division Presentation
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