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GMA Municipal Workforce Development Task Force Report

June 29, 2017
During 2016, members of GMA’s Member Services Advisory Council, along with other city officials, began to express their concerns to the Association about the difficulty in hiring and retaining qualified workers to fill a range of critical positions within their city government. With large numbers of baby boomers continuing to retire over the next ten to fifteen years, this problem will become even more acute unless appropriate strategies are identified and implemented. 

To address these concerns, GMA President Boyd Austin appointed the Municipal Workforce Development Task Force in October 2016. Statesboro Mayor Jan Moore was asked to chair the Task Force which is comprised of 13 elected city officials and eight city managers. President Austin tasked the group to study this issue and prepare a report of findings and recommendations to be presented to the Board of Directors at the GMA Annual Convention in June 2017.
The GMA Municipal Workforce Development Task Force prepared this report based on feedback from members, interviews with representatives of professional organizations, and two surveys of GMA member cities. The recommendations generated through this process cover recruitment, retention, training, and succession planning as the basic stages of developing a productive workforce in Georgia’s cities and are grouped into three clusters of activities: marketing, training, and developing a toolbox.
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