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Dallas Wellness Program Leads to Healthy Outcomes

September 9, 2013
Dallas city employees participate in the city’s annual 5K Run for a Cure.
The city of Dallas, a member of GMA’s insurance program, makes full use of the program’s risk management services, including the wellness program, and the results are proving their worth.

City employees can participate in Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS) wellness trainings each month, an annual health fair, flu shots and a city-sponsored softball game.

In addition, the city offers gym membership payment assistance, incentive programs, a wellness Facebook page and sponsors an annual 5K race with proceeds going to Relay 4 Life.

Among the success the city has seen include a public works employee who has lost over 50 pounds and been taken off blood pressure and cholesterol medicines, and a police dispatcher who has lost over 60 pounds and is now working with a personal trainer to continue her success.

The mayor and council are supporters of the program, with Mayor Boyd Austin not only participating in several of the wellness classes, he also walks around town, meeting with constituents and getting exercise at the same time.”

“Our employees are very important to us, and most, though relatively young, have many years of service to the city,” said Austin. “The wellness program is a great personal benefit to them—by helping them to understand and improve their health, and hopefully, to enjoy a longer, more active lifestyle. The by-product of healthier employees is fewer sick days and improved health insurance ratings for the city.

“As a member of the GMEBS Board, I see firsthand the benefit it provides, and encourage every city to participate. Each improvement in an employee’s health is an improvement for the city where they are employed and the life and health program for all member cities.”

The LGRMS programs are designed to help members in GMA’s risk management program keep losses to a minimum and improve the health of city employees. Along with wellness programs, LGRMS also provides training for work-place safety, driver training for law enforcement and health and safety grants for cities to purchase equipment and training.